About JungwooENE

Since its founding in 2010, JungwooENE has maintained a high rate of growth. There are three reason for this growth :

we promise to lead the global market with the innovated products developed and good cooperation of the related.

About us

Hello everyone!

We have aimed the world first class company for ‘Cryogenic & Energy’ since establishment in February, 2010.
Our company, JUNGWOO ENE specializes in Cryogenic & LNG equipment, facilities and engineering.

In 1962, our company was introduced the technology from ‘Japan Oxygen’ and
‘Dong-Kyung Gas Engineering’ forged the 1st oxygen manufacturing facility of Korea.We started subsidiary of ‘Korea Gas Engineering’ contributed domestic gas industry and JUNGWOO ENE is inherited the family business, which is third generation.


High Pressure
12345678 &
1 Engineering

High Pressure Multi Stage reciprocating Pump
High Pressure Vessel
High Pressure Fitting
High Pressure System Design, Engineering

12Fuel Gas
1 System &

LNG Process System
LNG Fuel Gas System Package, Maritime
LNG Fuel System Equipment Module
Double Wall Pipe System
Gas Valve Unit
High Pressure Multi Stage Reciprocating Pump
Bunkering Pipe Line (Cryogenic Insulated Pipe )
Booster Pump ( Centrifugal pump Package )
Heat Exchanger ( PCHE, Shell & Tube )
High Pressure Cryogenic Control Valves
Suction Drum & Separation (Perlite Insulated Type)

Cryogenic System

Cryogenic Vacuum insulated Piping System
(vacuum insulated pipe/valve/Filter/bayonet Coupling)
Super-Insulation Film
Cryogenic valve
Cryogenic Reciprocating Pump
Cryostat, Dewar, Flask
Cryogenic Cylinder & Cryogenic Tank
Cryogenic Equipment


2018. 07.   Industrial Resources National Organization

2017. 07.   Acquired ASME “U” “S” “PP” STAMP certification

2017. 06.   Selected as the localization project promotion team of LNG LOADING ARM, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

2016. 02.   Ultra low temperature vacuum insulation water tank for ship (LNG) – UK

2016. 01.   Selected as a localization company of R & D and Heli-flow Heat Exchanger by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

2015. 06.   Certified as a vacuum insulation double-glazed pipe (Korean Register of Shipping)

2015. 04.   Win a Contact of Gas Valve Unit for Ship Obtained WPS by DNV

2015. 02.   Win a contract of Cryogenic HP pump for Ship Fuel Gas System

2014. 05.   Designated Business development of Gas Regulator for LNG Fuel System
by Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy

2014. 03.   World 1st supply of Double Wall Pipe / NASSCO Ship yard-U.S.A.

2013. 11.   Obtained WPS by ABS

2013. 10.   Obtained WPS by RINA

2013. 09.   Manufacturing facility for High-pressure Safety Valve approved

2013. 06.   Designated as INNO-BIZ by Small & Medium Business Administration

2012. 08.   Designated as R&D Company of Cryogenic Storage Tank by Small & Medium Business Administration

2012. 06.   Designated as R&D Company of Cryogenic insulated piping & Heat-exchanger for Ship LNG Fuel System
by Ministry of Knowledge Economy

2011. 09.   Enterprise specializing in materials and parts by Ministry of Knowledge Economy Cryogenic & Energy in Korea

2011. 09.   Developed Cryogenic Glove Valve for 250A as the 1st company in Korea

2011. 06.   Designated as a Venture Corporation

2010. 09.   Approved ISO9001 by KGS

2010. 07.   Acquired a manufacturing license of the facility for high pressure gas

2010. 06.   Established ‘R&D Center’

2010. 02.   Established ‘JUNGWOO ENE CO., LTD.’


Let’s together with JUNGWOO ENE 


Factory Registration

Factory Registration

Cryogenic Tank_Safety Valve_Storage Tank Registration

Cryogenic Tank, Safety Valve, Storage Tank – Fabrication Registration

ISO 9001

ISO 9001








WPS(DNV)- ongoingness


Venture Business Approval

Venture Business

Company R&D institute Certificate

R&D Institute

Enterprise specializing in Materials & parts Approval

Enterprise Specializing in Material & Parts Approval

INNOBIZ Approval

INNOBIZ Approval

National Core Technology
Advancement Decision