CEO Message

JUNGWOO ENE has been able to achieve this growth since its founding. It is the highest level of R & D investment to secure new growth momentum. It is a management innovation mind that can anticipate the changes of the times and satisfy the needs of the market. It was possible because you were customers.

Our professional know-how has been formed based on abundant experience and excellent technology. We have accumulated customer’s trust through the success of all parts of the project including design, engineering, production and installation. JUNGWOO ENE will continue to strive and work hard.

In the 21st century, environmental issues have become a very important social concern not only in developed countries but also in all countries of the world. As governments are implementing large-scale investments while strengthening environmental regulatory policies, the LNG field will continue to grow tremendously.

In line with the trends of this environmental industry, we are constantly developing products and developing markets to expand the global market. We promise to lead the global market by developing innovative future products while establishing continuous cooperation with companies in related fields in Korea.