Vacuum Insulated Filter

Vacuum Insulated filter is designed to provide the ultimate in cryogenic fluid and cold gas filtration. The filter is manufactured using stainless steel and cryogenic coupling and seal-off valves.

Although vacuum insulated filter assemblies use standard designs, each assembly is custom fabricated to meet customer needs and specifications.
Each assembly is provided with a replaceable stainless steel filter element.

Options include high-point purge, low-point drain, upstream and downstream pressure taps, differential pressure gauge, flanged or V-band connected housing, back-pressure flow protection, and liquid oxygen cleaning.

• Size : 15A~150A, Special Size
• Fluid : Liquid He, N2, O2, Ar, LNG etc
• Design Pressure : ~30Bar
• Design Temperature : ~-296℃
• Vacuum : Under 5*10-6 torr
• Connection : Bayonet Coupling, Vacuum Weled Coupling

Vacuum Insulated Filter 3D

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