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KAMCO CEO Kwon Nam-joo is looking for a beneficiary company of S&LB

2022-12-21 15:32
Reporter name Shin Jong-myung Enter 20224.27 13:56 Modified 2022.04.27 14:59 Comment 0

Jungwoo E&E provides operating funds for R&D and production of new products

[Pinpoint News reporter Shin Jong-myung] Jungwoo E&C supports operating funds for research and development and production of new products

Kwon Nam-joo, president of the Korea Asset Management Corporation (KAMCO), visited Jungwoo E&E Co., Ltd. in Gangseo-gu, Busan on the 27th, held a meeting, and listened to the difficulties.

Jungwoo E&E is a small and medium-sized company with key technologies related to the design and production of vacuum insulation pipes used in LNG fuel propulsion ships and received support from KAMCO's "Asset Purchase and Lease Program (S&LB)" to raise operating funds.

This program is a method of supplying liquidity by purchasing factories and offices of companies that are temporarily suffering from a liquidity crisis and then re-charging them.

Jungwoo E&E reportedly asked KAMCO for help in September 2020 to secure operating funds for research and development and production of new products.

President Kwon held an on-site meeting with company officials and listened to difficulties and suggestions.

President Kwon said, "We will strengthen the role of S&LB based on the opinions shared at the meeting," adding, "We will continue to find answers in the field to provide practical help to small and medium-sized companies."

Meanwhile, KAMCO has provided 787 billion won to 63 companies through S&LB since 2015.

Reporter Shin Jong-myung: skc113@thekpm.com