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Best 10 small businesses with excellent entrepreneurship | Small peppers are spicy…Sales of 10 billion won including Median Din

2022-12-21 16:15
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Input: 2019.09.04 15:55:52
Last revision: September 17, 2019 09:06:55

Small companies with high mid-term venture competitiveness index include Egitronics, Median Dinostick, MedioGen, Sismate, Jungwoo E&E, Pico & Terra, BioSpectrum, Dermarab, Tegoscience, and Vitzromiltech. These companies are mostly bio and healthcare companies. This is also a case of increasing competitiveness by focusing on R&D.

Egitronics, located in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, is a company that supplied key parts such as power conversion devices to hydrogen fuel electric buses operated during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Recently, as orders for power conversion devices for electric vehicles and power supplies for communication have increased, it has invested 15 billion won and is expanding its production line with the goal of completion in October. It aims to become a global company by targeting overseas markets in the future.

Last year, "Median Dinostick," a manufacturer of animal disease diagnosis products, announced a series of new products such as "hyperhydration disease," which is called plant foot-and-mouth disease, African swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease serum type identification, and avian influenza diagnosis kit. This achievement was possible thanks to R&D, which has been working hard since the company was established in 1999. Over the three years from 2015 to 2017, Median Dinostick's sales increased by more than 30% per year. Last year, it surpassed 10 billion won in sales for the first time.

"Pico & Terra" is a company that pioneers new technology fields by developing equipment that controls the process environment of wafers before and after semiconductor processes. It has a technology that increases the quality of ultra-fine semiconductor processes that have been lowered to less than 20 nanometers. As of last year, Pico & Terra recorded sales of 3372.5 billion won. Although it decreased from the previous year's sales (38 billion won), it received good reviews in the creativity sector.

Competitive with multiple patents with its own technology ↑

Mediogen, a company specializing in probiotics, also scored high in creativity. Mediogen mainly processes probiotics in raw form and supplies them to other companies through B2B. It is one of three domestic companies that can produce all 19 types of probiotics recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as functional raw materials.

"Sysmate," a digital signage (digital outdoor advertisement) company called "4th generation screen," was also selected as a company with a high mid-term venture competitiveness index. Sales surged as restaurants and cafes as well as government offices began to use digital signage. Recently, it has started to supply unmanned sales terminals (Kiosks). The fact that it has had its own factory since 2014 and has produced customized displays of various sizes and forms according to customer needs is a factor that has earned high scores.

"Jungwoo E&E," a producer specializing in ultra-low temperature machinery and valves, has received three patents from the Korean Intellectual Property Office as a product developed by CEO Lee Sun-hae for three years with an investment of about 600 million won. In this way, Jungwoo E&E won 13 patents and 7 certificates in 9 years and 6 months since its establishment in February 2010.

"Bio Spectrum" is a biotech venture established in 2000 by professional researchers from large companies such as AmorePacific, LG, Green Cross, and Dongbu Research & Extension Services led by Dr. Park Deok-hoon from Jeju. It discovers and processes new materials from natural resources such as camellia and tangerine and supplies them to domestic and foreign companies. In the meantime, more than 100 patents, including 12 overseas patents, have been registered and 100 papers have been published, which is an excellent technology. It recorded sales of 11.58 billion won last year.

Derma Lab, a 41-member cosmetics raw material company, surpassed 10 billion won in sales for the first time in 16 years since its establishment last year.

[Reporter Jeong Dawoon jeongdw@mk.co.kr]

[This article is from Maekyung Economy No. 2024 and Chuseok HQ (2019.09.04~2019.09.17)]