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Among technological innovations, 'eco-friendly (E) management' has secured a competitive advantage

2022-12-21 16:16
Eco-Mass, a "big company love call," strengthens its eco-friendly lineup by investing in facilities
Jungwoo E&E shares the market with ultra-low temperature vacuum piping technology ↑

Carbon emissions data released by EcoMass on its website.
[Maeil Ilbo reporter Na Ji-ho] Small and medium-sized companies in the technology manufacturing industry are showing remarkable results through generous investment and efforts even in an environment where there are no clear ESG (environmental, social, and governance) guidelines.

Small and medium-sized companies in this field focus on management specialized in eco-friendly (E) based on superior technology. First of all, the Innobiz Association (Small and Medium Business Technology Innovation Association), which has a high proportion of manufacturing among private organizations, is the most active in establishing a support system to spread ESG management. Since Chairman Lim Byung-hoon took office in February, he has been promoting low-carbon management support measures and customized support projects with the Korea Technology Guarantee Fund to support "de-carbonization" responses.

Among the association's member companies, "Eco Mas," a white bio company, is attracting attention as a love call from a large company. EcoMass is a company that develops and manufactures kitchen utensils, food packaging materials, and natural copy paper made of sugar cane using biomass (eco-friendly raw materials) that are easy to decompose after disposal. It is producing plastic products with 30% greenhouse gas emissions compared to existing products, and demand for eco-friendly raw materials and products is increasing recently, especially in large companies.

Han Seung-gil, CEO of EcoMass, introduced a carbon monitoring system to respond to carbon neutrality from 2010 and invested more than 100 million won to produce eco-friendly products. Currently, it is used in factories with rainwater storage facilities, and plans to introduce solar power generation facilities in the second half of this year. In addition, it is trying to absorb greenhouse gases emitted by its own companies by creating forests. EcoMass is releasing related data through its website, and plans to declare carbon neutrality next year.

With the advent of the era of liquefied hydrogen, shipbuilding equipment and materials companies are also spurring low-carbon and eco-friendly management. Jungwoo E&E (CEO Lee Sun-hae), a company specializing in cryogenic and LNG tanks, expanded its order conditions and production base for green fields (green new deal, high efficiency, and eco-friendly ships) with timely funding from the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency.

"Jungwoo E&E's manufacturing technology for fuel transfer pipes for eco-friendly LNG fuel-powered ships has been judged as a national core technology." It has 13 patents related to LNG fuel and hydrogen energy alone. Currently, it is supplying LNG fuel transfer pipes to three shipbuilders, including Samsung Heavy Industries, Hyundai Heavy Industries, and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, and is also strengthening exports to overseas markets such as China and Taiwan.

Sales of "Jungwoo E&E" jumped from 1.6 billion won in 2018 to 4.1 billion won in 2019. As market demand for liquid hydrogen production, transportation, and storage increased, it soared to 9 billion won last year. As the amount of orders is increasing this year, it is expected to increase production capacity and expand employment.

"The demand for ships that use eco-friendly fuels is expected to continue to increase in the future to prepare for environmental regulations such as liquefied hydrogen," a KNOC official said. "Jungwoo E&E has a competitive advantage with high market share and technology in the green new deal and eco-friendly fields."

Source: Maeil Ilbo (http://wwww.m-i.kr)