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Samcheok City's all-out efforts to attract hydrogen companies to respond to local extinction

2022-12-21 16:19
Samcheok City said it will inspect four businesses, including Busan and Changwon, until November 10 and will make all-out efforts to foster the hydrogen industry and attract businesses to cope with local extinction due to population decline.

According to the city, on the 10th, Jungwoo E&E Co., Ltd., located in Busan, will tour the factory and sign a business agreement to attract companies. Jungwoo E&E Co., Ltd. is a leading domestic company in the production of liquefied hydrogen-related products and will move in when the Samcheok hydrogen specialized complex is established, and has already submitted a letter of intent to move in to Samcheok.

In order to cope with local extinction due to population decline, the city expects that companies' investment attraction will be essential to revitalize the local economy and create jobs.

The city will then visit Hyundai Rotem's Changwon plant, which signed an investment agreement to build a hydrogen-related Samcheok plant in September. In addition, by visiting the Chungju Green Bio charging station and touring, the company plans to review and actively reflect the facility construction project to produce biohydrogen using sludge from food waste and sewage treatment plants.

It will also tour the LNG ultra-low temperature system in Gimhae Mechanical Research Institute operated by Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and link it with the project to build a liquefied hydrogen reliability center confirmed as a national project next year. It also plans to seek a connection project that utilizes the cold and heat of the Samcheok base headquarters of the Korea Gas Corporation.

Mayor Park Sang-soo said, "We desperately need to attract companies to revitalize the hydrogen industry and create jobs, which is a key pledge for the 8th popular election, and we plan to do our best to build an industry-academic cluster project that focuses on responding to local extinction."

[Shin A Ilbo] Samcheok/Lee Joong-sung, a reporter

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