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December 2nd LNG Promotion Vessel Conference, Latest Technology Trends at a Glance

2022-12-21 16:21
Analysis of LNG bunkering status at home and abroad and introduction of fuel supply cases, etc

[Energy Platform News G&E Times reporter Song Seung-on] The International LNG Promotion Vessel and Bunkering Conference will be held at Changwon Convention Center on December 2.

Hosted by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Gyeongsangnam-do and organized by the Korea LNG Bunkering Industry Association, the Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Equipment Industry Cooperative, and Gyeongnam Techno Park, the event will be presented by experts on LNG Bunkering policies, marketing, and eco-friendly technology.

At the conference, ▲ Korea LG Bunkering Kim Woo-young (LNG Bunkering Business Structure and Major Issues) and ▲ Gyeongnam TP Eom Jung-pil (LNG Bunkering Cluster Promotion Status) ▲ Lloyd's Association Asia Choi Woo-jung (LNG Bunkering & LNG Fuel Promotion Scenario) ▲ Jung E&E Park Joon-hyung, president of the Yeosu Port.

In addition, ▲ Trelleborg Westbury Limited's Matteo Suzani, sales director ▲ Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering's Lee Jun-chae ▲ Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Equipment Research Institute (LNG Fuel Propulsion and Bunkering Test Facility Certification) ▲ Samsung Heavy Industries' Multi-purpose Energy Plant Development Institute (Samsung Heavy Industries's Bunkering Research Center).

The pre-registration deadline is until the 30th, and only those who have completed the second round of COVID-19 vaccination (14 days after vaccination) can register and enter the venue. There is no separate registration on the site.

Reporter Song Seung-on: sso98@e-platform.net