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Kwon Nam-joo, president of KAMCO, "Support small and medium-sized enterprises, find answers on the spot."

2022-12-22 16:07
Reporter Kim Hyun-kyung approved kimgusrud16@seoulfn.com 2022.04.27 10:11


권남주 캠코 사장이 6일 부산국제금융센터에서 열린 창립 60주년 기념식에서 기념사를 하고 있다. (사진=캠코)KAMCO President Kwon Nam-joo (photo = KAMCO)

[Seoul Finance reporter Kim Hyun-kyung] Kwon Nam-joo, president of the Korea Asset Management Corporation (CAMCO), visited Jungwoo E&E, which was supported by the "Asset Purchase and Leaseback" and promised to strengthen on-site management.

According to KAMCO on the 27th, President Kwon held an on-site meeting with officials of Jungwoo E& and listened to the difficulties and suggestions of small and medium-sized companies. They also discussed blind spots in the support system and the need for additional support.

Jungwoo E&E is a small and medium-sized company with core technologies related to the design and production of vacuum heat pipes used in LNG fuel propulsion ships. As it had difficulty raising operating funds for research and development and production of new products, it requested support from KAMCO in September 2020.

KAMCO helped improve its financial structure by providing operating funds to companies on the condition of repurchasing factories through the Sales & Leaseback program. It also rented a factory to support stable business activities of companies.

"We will strengthen the role of the sales and leaseback rental program based on the opinions shared at the meeting," President Kwon said. "We will continue to find answers in the field to provide practical help to small and medium-sized companies."