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Leading product development in preparation for the era of liquefied hydrogen

2022-12-22 16:10
[Interview] President Park Joon-hyung of Jungwoo E&E Co., Ltd., which localized ultra-high pressure vaporizer for liquid hydrogen
Leading product development in preparation for the era of liquefied hydrogen
Reporter Park Gwicheol
Approval 2022.01.13

JEONG WOO and I.N are proud of their vacuum insulation technology
Pioneering spirit is important to lead the market
It will contribute to increasing foreign exports and employment


[Gas Newspaper = Reporter Park Gwi-chul] "According to the government's plan to supply hydrogen cars and hydrogen charging stations, 200,000 hydrogen cars will be sold by 2025,

It has been announced that it will build 450 hydrogen charging stations. So, as the supply of liquid hydrogen becomes active in the future, liquid hydrogen is being used

We believe that the supply of charging stations used will increase further."

Park Joon-hyung (56), president of Jungwoo E&E Co., Ltd., who recently manufactured an ultra-high-pressure vaporizer for liquid hydrogen, said, "The international challenge of carbon neutrality is

To keep pace, the hydrogen industry said there will be a lot of development.

For the safety and reliability of the product, this ultra-high-pressure vaporizer for liquid hydrogen is tested and ruptured by an authorized testing agency

President Park, who has gone through it, said he will do his best to satisfy customers.

President Park Joon-hyung, whose parents worked in the gas industry as a family business, naturally worked in the gas industry from an early age.

He recognized the importance of the environment and thought that the green energy industry would become a future energy source

I have no regrets about working in the gas industry and hope that I can continue to develop new products

I am grateful."

Major products developed by President Park Joon-hyung are essential products for liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied hydrogen (LH2). These products

Storage tanks, heat exchangers (vaporizers, etc.), ultra-low temperature vacuum, which are essential equipment for ship's fuel supply and onshore hydrogen-related industries

Insulation piping and vacuum insulation valves are President Park's best areas.

"In order to maintain and store ultra-low temperature vacuum insulation technology, the best insulation technology so far is

It's vacuum insulation. This is the fourth generation of energy, the gas energy storage is liquefied and ultra-low.

Vacuum insulation technology is absolutely necessary to insulate ultra-low temperatures, and all of the products we make are vacuum insulation

We're proud to be a great product with technology."

For President Park Joon-hyung, the past year has been very busy and meaningful. It's the first for small and medium-sized companies and the second for ships in Korea

LNG FGSS was supplied to Yeosu Regional Maritime Administration as a product with excellent performance. It is also the first liquefied hydrogen storage tank and vaporization device in Korea

Vacuum insulation valves and vacuum insulation pipes were developed and installed to complete their own performance tests. Therefore, liquefied hydrogen in the near future

This is because it has set the stage for long-term growth with products essential to the times.

"The gas industry can't talk about anything but safety. Develop good products and use them safely without any problems

You have to make sure that you do it. As the gas industry develops, the frequency of gas accidents increases, but it makes it safe unconditionally

Use and repeated safety checks are essential."

The secret to Jungwoo E&N's steady growth is to challenge the future and to develop future products through prior research and development

President Park Joon-hyung, who is developing, said, "To lead the market, I will do my best in my work with a pioneering spirit and a thorough professional spirit

Daha stressed that the role of executives and employees is important and that this is their competitiveness.

"We believe that future energy will lead to the era of liquefied natural gas and hydrogen, following coal and oil. Environmental emission limits, carbon

I think green energy is an alternative in an era when environmental restrictions such as neutrality and zero carbon are required. Among them, gas

It's an alternative to green energy in the future. Countries recognize these energy paradigms and relate to the development of related industries

As we focus our investment in the field, our companies and governments should actively participate and support it."

President Park Joon-hyung said, "If you think about what the mega-trend of energy is, eco-friendly green energy is definitely gas energy."

He emphasized that we should discover and invest in industries suitable for this era of clean energy, develop related fields, and develop related industries

Companies that proactively produce products, localize and export excellent products, increase employment, and lead related industries

He expressed his ambition to spare no effort.