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Steel Flower and Jungwoo E&E jointly develop cryogenic industrial equipment

2022-12-26 15:34
Input 2014.10.16 10:23 Modified 2014.10.16 10:23

Steel Flower will secure Cryogenic industrial equipment technology and start a fuel supply device business for liquefied natural gas (LNG) ships.

Steel Flower and Jungwoo E&E announced on the 16th that they signed an agreement to jointly develop equipment for cryogenic special industries. Cryogenic industrial equipment is used for marine plants and industrial plants using cryogenic refrigerants below minus 60°C, and LNG plant equipment can respond to cryogenic temperatures of minus 162°C.

The two companies discussed technology sharing, supporting technology development costs, and commercialization measures for developing high-pressure natural gas fuel supply (FGSS) and cryogenic industrial equipment for natural gas fuel ships, which are popular as next-generation ships.

Until now, Steel Flower has signed an agreement with Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering to transfer patent technology of "High Pressure Natural Gas Fuel Supply System (HiVAR FGSS), a key technology for next-generation LNG fuel-powered ships, and has worked hard to develop low-cost FGSS.

Jungwoo E&E, which signed the agreement this time, expects synergy effects as it has various orders such as "development of LNG compressors" and "dive centrifugal pumps for LNG transportation" with large shipyards, following technologies related to HP pumps, heat exchangers, and cryogenic valves.

"We will develop expensive core parts that depend on imports and lead the development and commercialization of low-priced high-pressure natural gas fuel supplies through technology cooperation between the two companies," said Kim Byung-kwon, CEO of Steel Flower.

Hankyung Dotcom reporter Han Min-soo, hms@hankyung.com