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Kwon Nam-joo, president of KAMCO, visits Jungwoo E&, a strong company, and listens to difficulties

2022-12-26 15:41
Reporter Cha Jae-seo registration 2022.04.27 18:07

thumbanilPhoto = Camco provided

Kwon Nam-joo, president of KAMCO (Korea Asset Management Corporation), visited Jungwoo E&E, which received support for the "rental program after asset purchase," and listened to the voices of the site.

According to KAMCO on the 27th, President Kwon Nam-joo held a meeting with Jungwoo E&E officials.

President Kwon listened to the difficulties and suggestions of small and medium-sized companies and had a casual conversation about the need for additional support.

Jungwoo E&E is a small and medium-sized company with core technologies related to the design and production of vacuum heat pipes for LNG fuel propulsion ships. However, as it was difficult to raise operating funds for research and development and production of new products, KAMCO asked for help in September 2020.

In response, KAMCO helped improve its financial structure by injecting operating funds into companies on the condition of repurchasing factories through rental programs after purchasing assets. It also supported stable business activities of companies by renting factories.

"We were able to recover our financial soundness and overcome the liquidity crisis through new funds supported by KAMCO," a Jungwoo E&E official said. "Thanks to the additional cut in rent, we are smoothly pushing for normalization of management despite difficult situations due to COVID-19 and rising raw material prices."