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JUNGWOO E&E proves the performance of ultra-low temperature vacuum piping

2022-12-26 15:48
Double piping delivered and installed at the fusion research center perfect vacuum
Reporter Name: Park Gwi-chul, 2017.04.06 23:11:00

▲ Hydro test of ultra-low temperature vacuum heat pipe supplied by Jungwoo E&N to the Nuclear Fusion Research Institute

[Gas Newspaper = Reporter Park Gwi-chul] Jungwoo E&E Co., Ltd., a producer specializing in ultra-low-temperature machinery and valves, was recognized for its technology by supplying its developed ultra-low-temperature vacuum pipe to the National Nuclear Fusion Research Institute (Director Kim Ki-man) at the end of February.

The ultra-low temperature vacuum insulation pipe supplied this time is about 300 meters in size of 50A and will be used for cooling the fusion reactor. The National Fusion Research Institute in Daejeon is the only nuclear fusion research institute in Korea that leads the development of nuclear fusion energy, which is a future green energy source, and is training key technology development and nuclear fusion experts for commercialization.

Jungwoo E&E was selected as a localization company for ultra-low temperature vacuum piping by the Ministry of Industry and completed its development in 2013. Ultra-low temperature vacuum insulation pipes can be used up to -269°C, and stable vacuum insulation completely solves heat loss caused by shielding heat radiation. The vacuum heat pipe developed by Jungwoo E&E is evaluated to be more than 40 times more economical and efficient than the existing form of using external insulation such as urethane. It also requires little maintenance and can be expanded, rearranged, and reused regardless of the vacuum section.

In particular, the company's vacuum insulation pipe is characterized by double-treating glass wool paper and aluminum paper, and it maintains a vacuum by attaching its own vacuum seal-off valve to the pipe.

Park Joon-hyung, vice president of the company, said, "The ultra-low temperature vacuum insulation pipes have excellent performance and are much cheaper than urethane methods, so they are very economical and workable."