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Jungwoo E&E Co., Ltd. Localizes ultra-high pressure vaporizers for liquid hydrogen

2022-12-26 15:58
Comply with the safety specification with forced convection type
Completion of performance tests, etc. by authorized testing institutions


Reporter name Park Gwi-chul. 2022.01.13 13:55:00
Revised 2022.01.17 07:35:08


정우이앤이가 국산화한 액체수소용 초고압 기화기를 시험하는 모습.

Jungwoo E&E is testing an ultra-high pressure vaporizer for liquid hydrogen.
[Gas Newspaper = Reporter Park Gwi-chul] Jungwoo E&E Co., Ltd., a company specializing in cryogenic and LNG tanks, has produced an ultra-high-pressure vaporizer for liquid hydrogen to prepare for the expansion of the supply of hydrogen charging stations using liquid hydrogen.The forced convection liquid hydrogen vaporizer, developed and tested through the Gangwon Technopark's starting product support project, satisfies the safety standards by using liquid hydrogen and applying the thickness and curvature of the KGS code to the pressure of 90 MPa.

To verify this, Jungwoo E&E completed a 150 MPa internal pressure and 100 MPa airtight performance test by a certified testing agency, and applied a rupture test on the welding part at 200 MPa to ensure the safety of the welding part at ultra-high pressure.

In addition, Jungwoo E&E completed the design based on the simulation to increase the efficiency of the vaporizer, and inside the vaporizer reflecting the design results, the convection of air through an explosion-proof fan increased the efficiency of heat dissipation fins and circulated the remaining cooling air to increase the heat exchange efficiency.

Park Joon-hyung, president of Jungwoo E&E, said, "The charging station is expected to change from a charging method using a gas transport tube trailer to a high-pressure liquid pump and a high-pressure vaporizer for liquid hydrogen."

Meanwhile, Jungwoo E&E designed and manufactured the first liquid hydrogen storage tank for ISO C-TYPE land plants with its own technology early last year.

The 20 capacity  capacity liquid hydrogen storage tank manufactured by the company conducted performance verification of the BOR and Holding Time Duration, an insulation performance test of the liquid hydrogen storage tank at -253℃ for about 6 months.

Jungwoo E&E, which marks its 12th anniversary this year, started with cryogenic and LNG facilities, engineering, and developed and commercialized LNG shipbuilding, marine vacuum pipes, and double pipes on its own. In particular, in 2012, it delivered vacuum insulation pipes developed with its own design technology to the National Nuclear Fusion Research Institute, and it also has a record of supplying equipment to fluids of minus 269℃, a land liquid helium supply line.

Based on its long experience and know-how, Jungwoo E&E plans to localize and distribute equipment and related equipment for liquid hydrogen this year.