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Jungwoo E&E is speeding up exports of liquefied hydrogen storage tanks

2022-12-26 16:01
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정우이앤이가 유럽 D Project에 제안한 액화수소저장탱크 및 벙커링 시스템

Liquefied hydrogen storage tank and bunkering system proposed by Jungwoo E&E to European D Project

[Gas Newspaper = Reporter Park Gwi-chul] Liquefied hydrogen (LH2) and LNG company Jungwoo E&E Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Sun-hae) have completed the development of liquefied hydrogen storage tanks and recently started full-fledged business activities.

Earlier this year, Jungwoo E&E designed and manufactured the first liquid hydrogen storage tank for ISO C-TYPE land plants with its own technology.

On the 22nd, six experts, consisting of European shipowners, shipyards, and fuel cell branch officials, visited Jungwoo E&E in Busan to consult on the purchase of hydrogen storage tanks for two days.

The purpose of the visit to Korea by the European delegation is that specific negotiations were needed as Jungwoo E&E showed a competitive advantage in technology and price over its global top 3 competitors in the ongoing D-project bidding in Europe, according to Jungwoo E&E.

The D project underway in Europe is a project from the construction of 300와 of liquefied hydrogen storage tanks for ships, supply systems, 500 위한 tanks for bunkering terminals for supplying liquefied hydrogen to ships, and off-loading to test-drive.

In addition, Jungwoo E&E is continuously discussing liquefied hydrogen carriers and liquefied hydrogen fuel cell ships in China and Singapore, and is participating in more than three projects in Europe in addition to this D-project, so it expects good results within this year.

"Despite the COVID-19 situation, European officials visited our company and talked a lot," said Park Joon-hyung, president of Jungwoo E&E. "It is very suggestive that European companies flew more than 20 hours to visit Korea because they judged Korean products to be competitive in all aspects, technology."

Meanwhile, as large companies related to liquefied hydrogen in Korea rely on imports despite the presence of excellent domestic companies and technologies, Jungwoo E& plans to contribute to the development of domestic industries as well as to replace imports by actively promoting the excellence of domestic products.

수소탱크 구매 상담을 위해 방한한 유럽 관계자들이 정우이앤이를 방문하고 정우이앤이 임직원들과 기념사진을 찍고 있다.

European officials who visited Korea to consult on the purchase of hydrogen tanks visit Jungwoo E&E and take commemorative photos with executives and employees.