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Liquid Hydrogen tainer

Our H2tainertm has a high price competitiveness by producing products directly from our company based on our long experience and know-how.

By supplying a container-type liquid hydrogen filling station, it is manufactured for easy installation and operation, and on-site customization is also possible according to customer needs.


Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Supply System

Our liquid hydrogen fuel supply system is a system that safely supplies hydrogen to generators on land plants and ships.

Environmental regulations related to carbon emissions are being strengthened around the world, and we have developed a product to use hydrogen fuel, which is essential in the new and renewable energy industry to realize NET-ZERO.

LH2 Storage Tank

Liquid Hydrogen Storage Tank

Our liquid hydrogen storage tank is manufactured with high-level vacuum insulation technology to safely store cryogenic liquid hydrogen at -253℃ to minimize the generation of BOG.

LH2 Pump

Liquid Hydrogen Pump

Our liquid hydrogen pump is designed to transport liquid hydrogen at a high pressure of more than 700bar, and is designed to be used in overseas and domestic hydrogen refueling stations.

LH2 Loading Arm

Liquid Hydrogen Loading Arm

We have developed loading arm for use in liquid hydrogen terminals and liquid hydrogen ships, and Swivel is also designed to maintain liquid hydrogen by applying vacuum insulation technology.

Vacuum Jacket Valve

Vacuum Jacket Valve

Our cryogenic valve is used to transport cryogenic liquid hydrogen at -253℃, and it can be used for fluids such as LHE, LNG, and LN2 as well as liquid hydrogen.

Vacuum Insulated Pipe

Vacuum Insulated Pipe

Our vacuum insulated piping has been designated as a national core technology by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and has proven its excellent performance, and has many experience at Domestic and Global, and self-developed pipe support and insulation films are applied.

Double Wall Pipe

Double Wall Pipe

Our double piping is being supplied to more than 70% of the world’s LNG ships currently under construction, and we are supplying high-quality products required by ship owners, shipyards and classification societies.