Steel Flower – Jungwoo ENE co-developed Cryogenic special industrial equipments


STEEL FLOWER will acquire cryogenic industrial equipment technology and will start the LNG ship fuel supply business.

  STEEL FLOWER and JUNGWOO ENE have signed an agreement to jointly develop cryogenic special industrial equipments.

  Cryogenic industrial equipment is used in offshore plants and industrial plants using cryogenic refrigerants below -60 ° C. Especially, LNG plant equipments are capable of handling ultra-low temperatures of minus 162 ° C.

  At the agreement, representatives of Steel Flower Byeong-Kwon Kim, President Kim Kook-Jin, Researcher Jeongwoo ene and CEO Lee Sun Ha and Vice President Park Joon-Hyung attended and developed high-pressure natural gas fuel supply system (FGSS) for natural gas fuel vessels, And sharing technology contents for the development of cryogenic industrial equipments, supporting technology development expenses, and planning commercialization.

  In the meantime, Steel Flower has signed a contract to transfer the patent technology of ‘High Pressure Natural Gas Fuel Supply System (HiVAR FGSS)’, a core technology of DSME and next generation LNG fuels, I came. In addition, Jungwoo ENE, which has entered into this technology agreement, has developed technologies related to FGSS such as HP pumps, heat exchangers and cryogenic valves, followed by development of LNG compressors with large shipyards, submersible centrifugal pumps for LNG transportation, LNG cryogenic valves and control valves’ and ‘Vacuum insulation piping for cryogenic liquids’, which are expected to generate synergies through the establishment of a cooperation system.

  STEEL FLOWER Kim Byung-kwon said, “With these two companies’ technical cooperation, we will develop high-priced core parts that are dependent on imports for the time being, and will lead the development and commercialization of low-pressure high-pressure natural gas fuel supply equipment. We will actively respond to the demand for LNG-fueled vessels that are expected to be built and concentrate on preempting the world market. “

  Meanwhile, FGSS is the world’s first proprietary high pressure liquefied natural gas fuel supply system for DSME, which is the core technology of natural gas fuel vessels, which is regarded as the next generation ship.

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